How to Connect HP Officejet 5255 to Wifi?

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To connect the HP Officejet 5255 Wireless Printer, you are required to establish an active Internet by connecting it to a Wireless router. There are several methods for setting a wireless network connection. By executing any one of the ways, you can set up your HP printer to Wi-Fi.
Easy Guidelines for HP officejet 5255 Wireless Printer Setup
The Simple and Quick Steps for HP officejet 5255 Wireless Printer Setup power up your compact HP printer.
• Make use of the controls on the touch panel to connect to the Wi-Fi
• Press the arrow key on the right and then tap Setup.
• Choose Network Setup and select Wi-Fi Protected Setup Wizard.
• Select the Network name or SSID from the list displayed.
• Enter the security WEP/WPA passphrase or security key and tap Done.
• Press OK so that you confirm the settings and device stores the same.
• Touch OK when the screen prompts printing the wireless report.
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