Is Guitar Playing Your Passion? Discover These Guitar Secrets In One Weekend!

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How to burst out of a rut immediately by tapping into a new enthusiasm and freshness you might be missing.

This tip is so simple yet so effective, that you'll shake your head in disbelief. You'll be jam-packed with inspiration whenever you need it.

Nothing is more impressive, nothing… than a guitar player who can tap into his feel deep in the moment.

How you can create monster leads and climactic solos using the power of scale sequences. You'll love this powerful but simple trick.

Do you wanna know what made Jimi Hendrix one of the best guitarist of all time? It's phrasing. Possibly for the first time ever, the magic of phrasing is decoded.

This is how Eric Clapton and B.B King take a handful of notes and make it sound out of this world. Witness exactly how to make this happen.

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