The Most Comprehensive On-line Ventriloquism Course Ever

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If you’ve enjoyed a performance by a ventriloquist and wish you could entertain people like that, I’ve got great news – you can! Anyone who can talk can learn to be a ventriloquist, if they receive the proper instruction.

  • The course was designed and is presented by a professional ventriloquist.
  • High definition video is used to provide close up views and detailed instruction on difficult techniques.
  • There is no guessing – you will understand exactly what is required to master each lesson.
  • You receive 36 lessons that build your skills correctly.
  • The course covers everything from proper breathing and lip control, to puppet manipulation, presentation skills, script writing and staging.
  • The course is time released. Each day, you will receive information and have time to practice it before you can move forward.

If you have ever wanted to enjoy being an entertainer and wanted to become a ventriloquist, then this is the course for you.

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