“Potty Train Your Child By NOON…And Have FUN Doing It!”

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Potty-training Book Written By Mother Who Used The Method With Her Son. Proven, Fast, Fun, Easy, And Cheap

How to tell if YOU are ready for potty-training…(Hint: You ARE!)

How to tell if your CHILD is ready for potty-training…(Hint: She IS!)

Why most books and videos are WORTHLESS when it comes to REAL-WORLD potty-training…

What you'll need to prepare for "The Big Day!"

Why you DON'T need to spend big bucks on potty-training…

The SIMPLE 5-step process that you'll use to potty-train your child…

A complete schedule for the morning of "The Big Day!"

What to do if it doesn't work right away…(it WILL before day's end!)

Whether to use diapers overnight or training pants…

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