How To Create A FUN And Memorable Wedding Reception

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Secret Strategies That Turn An “Ordinary” Wedding Reception Into A Fun And Exciting Celebration  Unlock The “Secret Code” That Catapults An Ordinary Wedding Reception Into A FUN Party!

How To Be A FUN Wedding MC is thorough – it covers a wide range of wedding receptions from 50 guests to 300 or more wedding guests. (While you’ll get lots of ideas, it’s not designed for a small or informal wedding reception or gathering of just a few close friends and family.)

It’s been carefully compiled into a comprehensive blueprint specially for the Wedding MC who wants to excel at creating a fun wedding reception.

Reception Events Checklist For Preparing Your Wedding Agenda or Run Sheet

Here’s how to create a working plan for your Wedding Agenda quickly and easily – a listing of virtually any main event you’ll encounter at a wedding reception that you can check off and add to your own Wedding Agenda or Run Sheet.

Venue Checklist For “Setting The Stage”

The venue – and the reception room in particular – will be your “stage.” That’s why it’s important to ensure that everything is in order and ready before the wedding guests start walking through the door.

My Venue Checklist covers the key items you should check at an indoor – or outdoor – wedding reception to ensure the reception room or area is ready for a party.

Contingency Planning To Help Avoid Disasters

If you’re like me, you like things to go smoothly.

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